Sunday Adventure: UBC Botanical Garden

Hi birders! It seems like a bat of an eye, but the end of the school term is already upon us! Make sure to unwind a bit amidst all your studying and take a beak at our latest walk through the UBC Botanical Garden. 🙂 The morning started out with a light sprinkle of rain, … Continue reading Sunday Adventure: UBC Botanical Garden


Cruising Along the Tsawwassen Jetty

Last Sunday, we set out on an expedition down to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal in Delta. Our plan was to walk along the jetty in hopes of seeing the local diversity of shorebirds and water birds: including the sparsely sighted whimbrel, the three native species of cormorants, and the magnificent mallards. The first species we … Continue reading Cruising Along the Tsawwassen Jetty