Club Executives 2016/17

Annegret Liederbach, President

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Program: Evolutionary Biology (Hons.)
Year Level: 3

Hello! I’m Annegret, continuing president for the 2016-2017 school year.
My fascination for birds go way back to when I was a toddler, but it was in my early high school years when I took up birding as a hobby.  In the future, I hope to specialize in evolutionary biology, ecology, and conservation of birds and other animals.
Although my knowledge of North American birds is still limited, I hope I can share my passion towards these feathered creatures with all of you!

Veronica Huang, Treasurer


Program: Commerce
Year Level: 3

I am a third-year Commerce student majoring in Finance. While I am working as the Treasurer for UBC Birding Club, I like taking photos and embracing nature. I am happy to join the Executive Team this year, and I am hoping to know more about birds through our events!

Cyrus Chang, VP Events


Program: Arts (Economics)
Year Level: 2

Hi everyone! I’m Cyrus and I’m a second year Arts student pursuing economics. I just got started with birding after joining the club last year and it’s super fun and relaxing! I love going on hikes, and field trips were always the best part of school, so birding is a great way to combine the two in college. I’m excited to learn more about the birds in our region and to see them in our bird walks this year!

Vivian Ling, VP Publicity


Program: Visual Art
Year Level: 4

Vivian is a fourth year student in visual arts. She enjoys watching birds like hummingbirds and chickadees from her backyard window.

Louis Almario, Photographer

Hi everyone! my name is Louis Almario. I was a former Biology student back in the Philippines. I am also a volunteer staff at the Vancouver Aquarium . My interest in birds started way back  during my younger years. As of today, birding has became a major part of my hobby as a photographer. I really love venturing into places in Vancouver that are filled diverse species of birds. Amazingly, I’ve already photographed and identified more than 60 species of birds that are local and rare around in the Vancouver area. I joined the birding club so I can share my knowledge and  field experiences on such fascinating creatures.