Club Executives 2014/15

Vivian Hui, President

Faculty: Science
Program: Animal Biology (Hons.)
Year Level: 4

Hello everyone, I’m Vivian, the new president of this club for the 2013-14 school year at your service!

While my more advanced knowledge in birds is recent (last year…), my interest and love for them goes back much further. At a young age, having staring contests with crows, feeding pigeons and eyeing the sky for eagles has been a favourite pastime. Now, armed with a bit more experience, I hope to spread awareness and appreciation for birds on behalf of our feathered friends, as I firmly believe conservation begins with awareness of the natural environment. I hope this club will be a great experience for you and you will come away rewarded and glad that you came!

 Angela Mo, Vice President

Faculty: Science
Program: Microbiology and Immunology
Year Level: 4

Hi birders! I was introduced to the world of birds by my awesome, eccentric second grade teacher. I’m still a birding newbie, but since then, I was intrigued by their diversity, their behavior, and the intricate ways each bird species has evolved to adapt to their unique niches. Whether it’s to sight rare birds or to simply raise your head to watch the flight of an eagle or a chickadee flitting between tree branches, watching these birds is relaxing and fascinating– a good way to step out of this busy world for a moment to just observe and enjoy peaceful silence. My current favourite bird is the Lyrebird because it demonstrates just how amazing birds can be, and what animals can be capable of for the sake of reproduction! Search it up on YouTube if you haven’t heard of it, it’s really cool. I hope everyone can meet new friends, have fun and have an educational experience. See you!

Jane Wang, Treasurer

Faculty: Arts

Program: Geographical Biogeosciences

Year Level: 3

Hello! I’m Jane studying physical geography and visual arts at UBC. I first heard of bird-watching in my grade 12 geography class, my teacher was a passionate birder from Vancouver who showed us his birding photography. I was fascinated to see the diverse species of nature’s creation. As a geographer, I am interested in the geographical migration of birds and their relations with the ecosystem. I occasionally do some bird sketches for fun, therefore I am also very interested in the visual, artistic aspects of birds, the reason being, they are very easily seen and are present in a variety of appearances. I like shorebirds a lot, plovers in particular. They are usually pale in colour and greater in size than the seed-eater birds that we see and hear on campus. I hope to study and know more about birds through club events and can’t wait for more field trips to explore the area!

Louis Almario, Photographer

Hi everyone! my name is Louis Almario. I was a former Biology student back in the Philippines. I am also a volunteer staff at the Vancouver Aquarium . My interest in birds started way back  during my younger years. As of today, birding has became a major part of my hobby as a photographer. I really love venturing into places in Vancouver that are filled diverse species of birds. Amazingly, I’ve already photographed and identified more than 60 species of birds that are local and rare around in the Vancouver area. I joined the birding club so I can share my knowledge and  field experiences on such fascinating creatures.

Julian Kunik, Marketing Director